• Calm Card Case, Camel
  • Calm Card Case, Camel
  • Calm Card Case, Camel

Porter Yoshida & Co

Calm Card Case, Camel

Regular price $180.00

Exterior: 1 open pocket
Interior: Sasamachi pocket 1 / card holder 2

high storage capacity with a card step, a clear pocket, and a pocket on the back. Business cards, cards, IC cards, etc. can be stored separately. Because it is compact and has a thin gusset, it is a size that anyone can use.

After tanning the raw leather with naturally-derived tannin, Porter uses shrink leather that accentuates the grain over time. It is a high-quality leather that has been given a little effort to loosen the leather fibers in order to create a gentle and pleasant texture.

The bright orange color fabric that symbolizes Porter is used for the interior. The exterior has a double ring and can be used by attaching a carabiner or wallet cord.
The rounded flaps are double-stitched using a special needle called a "Hishi-needle," which allows the seams to enter at an angle, enhancing the casual atmosphere and enriching the look.