The sacred and the traditional are both part of Mayner's world, as well as a passion for authentic menswear pieces, which he likes to twist and rework.

Addressing the essentials of a male wardrobe - he roots his sartorial vision within an appreciation of honesty and sincere clothing, as well as an interest in the finer details. Impeccably tailored and constructed, usually oversized in its fit and feel, the designer's clothes are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside, evoking a sense of luxury which must be felt and experienced instead of being seen.

Hed Mayner‘s boundary-pushing silhouettes won him the Karl Lagerfeld prize in 2019 and the Israeli designer hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since then. Firmly planted in his comfort zone, Mayner has continues exploding conventional menswear garments into immense outerwear and imposing trousers, winning the low-key creative scores of followers.

Hed is close to our heart - as Tal (Colbo's Co-founder + Creative Director) used to work with him during 2018-2019 in Tel Aviv.

Colbo is the only store in NYC to currently carry Hed Mayner.