Hi! I’m Jake, I help out at Colbo sometimes and other times I just “hang out.”

I’ve always loved the way that Japanese retailers use their blogs to thoughtfully showcase products, events, and customers, with plenty (sometimes too many) of details. It’s not something they do because they have to but something they do because they care about their stuff.

I was talking to Tal, the co-founder, about how cool the whole process is and he liked it enough to start something similar here on Colbo’s site, hence what you’re reading right now.

For the inaugural post, we decided to focus on something that I personally purchased from Colbo and have been wearing since: Hed Mayner’s Fall/Winter 2021 denim shirt.

Hed Mayner, if you aren’t familiar, is an Israeli designer who received the LVMH’s Karl Lagerfeld Prize in 2019, four years after he started his eponymous label. Tal worked with Hed for several years before moving to New York and launching Public Records, then Colbo.

Colbo is Hed Mayner’s sole stockist in NY, if not all of America, perhaps because his ingenious cuts are too advanced for the average shopper.

Hed specializes in really huge clothing that’s deceivingly complex. Oversized cuts, top-shelf fabrics; progressive silhouettes built out of warped elements of menswear heritage.

Hed’s work is rooted in familiarity via recognizable menswear shapes like blazers, bombers, and cargo pants, yet his practice is wholly distinct.

Coats cut XXL, blazers that wrap the body like a shroud, shirts stripped of sleeves or mashed together from vintage pieces, five-pocket jeans widened, pleated, and tapered.

This denim shirt is exactly what it sounds like: a shirt that’s cut huge and made of washed cotton denim, complete with riveted buttons on the placket and cuffs.

It’s not merely big for the sake of being big, though: its shoulders have been dropped and armholes widened, maximizing comfort and the scalloped hem of your average shirt is swapped for a flat profile that suits a shirt-jacket-coat thing of this scale.

10oz denim is the perfect weight, too; not too heavy, but substantial enough to work as a coat, oversized shirt, or anything in between.

One surprisingly deep chest pocket for glasses, change, tissue, candy storage.

I like to layer over a hoodie, vest, whatever and wear it as a top layer, even in winter. I run pretty warm though, so take that with a grain of salt.

But you could easily wear it under a coat or as a top layer in transitional weather. I plan to.

The proportions are really wacky, since it’s basically a scaled-up “normal” shirt, and I love how this kind of cut looks when you double down with a long inner layer or wide pants.

I’m wearing the M size, there’s an S size still available that’s perhaps a little more approachable.

It’s surprisingly versatile! Come in and try it on yourself, you’ll see.

It’s fun to have fun. Big clothes are fun. See you soon!