Hi! It’s Jake again.

It started off so cold this week, down to the 20s and below and then it bounced back up to 70 by Thursday. Then a week ago, it was nearly 60 for like four days.

Look, I ain’t complaining — I’ll take winter over summer any day (just wait ‘til it’s 85 and humid — trust me) but this mild weather is very much appreciated as a respite from the miserably cold couple of weeks that kicked off February. 

It all means that spring is coming and, with it, perfect weather for definitely not enough time (and also pollen, sob).

So it’s time to once again get serious about transitional season layering, maybe the most advanced kind of layering. Cuz in summer, you just wear a T-shirt and in winter you wear a big coat. It’s the in-between stuff that’s a real pickle.

There’s some new stuff at Colbo that fits the bill here, all designed by Tal (Colbo’s co-founder) and made here in New York in limited quantities with deadstock fabric.

All of the button-up shirts and long-sleeved pullovers are cut comfy, with nice big fits and substantial fabric that’ll only get better over time as they’re washed and worn. The kinda things that fit under a jacket when it’s cold or as a top layer when it’s warm.

None of it’s on the web store (yet) but you oughta come by and check ‘em out while they last: like I said, all of it’s made from deadstock fabric and there’s only so much of that to go around.

This white sweater is basically exactly what I’m talkin’ about. Mid-weight cotton jersey gives it some weight and it’s proportional enough that you aren’t drowning in it, even though the cut is very relaxed.

The neck is snug but not tight. It’ll keep the fit without strangling you. And the drop shoulder is just that much more comfortable.

I put it over a shirt, also from the new capsule. Well, it’s not really a formal capsule, more of a semi-seasonal drop, but you know.

The operative word is “comfortable.” If clothes don’t work together, if the armholes or lengths or fabrics or necks or whatever don’t align, it’s no good. Why wear them at all?

These guys are perfect together, just the right length. This is basically what Tal wears every other day so you know it’s good.

The shirt is just long enough to poke out at the bottom, adding some depth.

Shouldn’t clothing be stress-free? Easy to toss on?

I think so.