Wrong Answer Book Selections


In January, we sat down with the art & ephemera collector Geoff Snack. Geoff is the founder of Wrong Answer, a retail consultancy and art book curation project, focused on rare materials in publishing space. Geoff has been stocking a few of his selections in the Colbo backspace. And we had a chance to hear more about his favorite titles.

International Book of Lofts by Suzanne Slesin (1986)

Geoff: A time capsule from when you could find enormous, unfinished lofts in NYC. 

This one provides a really nice overview of what post-modern decor looked like in the mid-1980s as well as some amazing space age and industrial spaces. 

The entire book is great and it features some really incredible examples of architecture, decor, and furniture.

Isamu Noguchi by Sam Hunter (1978)

Geoff: An absolute monster of a book. Maybe my favorite art book of all time. It’s a monumental and thorough survey of Noguchi’s diverse output up to 1978, when this book was published (and never reprinted). 

It includes his sculptural works, lighting, the insanely good playground he designed, as well as various public art works. The only Noguchi book you need.

Bruno Munari - Circus in the Mist (1969)

Geoff: Bruno Munari was a brilliant designer and artist. His work had huge impacts on design, education, and play. 

This charming children’s book takes the reader on a trip through foggy Milan traveling to a circus. The book uses die-cut pages, transparent vellum overlays to create an interactive experience.

It’s a really nice little book and a great example of Munari’s work.

Snoopy Around the World

Geoff: An incredibly charming little book documenting popular and avant-garde fashion of the '80s and early '90s through Snoopy and Belle's (his sister) adventures around the world.

Snoopy and Belle are outfitted by Balenciaga, Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood, and many more. I can't imagine anyone not loving this book. It's cute as hell and a great reference for '80s and '90s fashion.