• Work 5 Pocket Pants
  • Work 5 Pocket Pants
  • Work 5 Pocket Pants

Yoko Sakamoto

Work 5 Pocket Pants

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Classic 5-pocket pants
Elastic waistband at the back
Unpainted iron front top button and carry button — gradually rusts as it is worn, to develop a unique texture and look.
Front pockets and hip pockets
Belt loops and waist ties

Made in Japan

A moleskin that is both impressive and easy to use on a daily basis. The stitching has been firmly done to create an ultra-dense fabric that can be used on a daily basis. The ultra-high-density fabric is brushed on both sides, making it extremely cold and windproof. In addition, by dyeing the product, the brushed surface becomes fluffy, giving it the crisp feel of second-hand clothing. The more you wear it and wash it, the more it adapts to the wearer's body and changes over time.

Area M
Waist 33.1"
Rise 13.4"
Inseam 26.8"
Hem Width 10"