• Regular Wallet, Brown
  • Regular Wallet, Brown
  • Regular Wallet, Brown

Yoko Sakamoto

Regular Wallet, Brown

Regular price $290.00

Also available in Black

Mid-sized leather wallet
Special space for coins, a space for bills, and an outstanding storage capacity that can hold about 10 cards

Made in Japan

High quality oil vachetta leather manufactured by his company TEMPESTI, based in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. Finished with dyes using vegetable tanning, each fiber is filled with oil using the vachetta method, creating a texture that feels like it sticks to your hands. Even among the originally fine-grained raw hides, single batts are used, which have particularly dense fibers and high fiber density and strength. The rustic and vivid coloring is also attractive because it is finished only with dyes without any pigment spraying. It has the characteristic that it starts to change quickly after you start using it, and it continues to change over a long period of time.
The oil penetrates deep into the fibers and rises to the surface each time you use it, creating a natural coating. Vibrant colors change to more glossy and deeper colors. It is a leather that you can love and walk with.